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Every classroom and every student has different learning needs and interests. With that being said, why are traditional learning materials such as textbooks and worksheets so cookiecutter? 

At Belouga, our mission is to create a personalized learning experience for each and every K-12 learner worldwide. With more access to content than ever before, learners need to be provided with relevant subject matter that supports their educational goals both in-and-out of the classroom.

This especially holds true within the Belouga Deep-Dive Series Library. From learning about elephants in Tanzania to training like a NASA Astronaut to exploring the ancient city of Pompei, a learner has the world in their fingertips. But how to create a targeted learning journey to meet all interests and goals, and most importantly, provide learning material for the 21st-century learner? 

The answer…Belouga Playlists!

Belouga Playlists provide teachers with a tool to create a living-breathing curriculum for their students’ interests and learning requirements. Here are 3 easy steps to using Belouga Playlists to create a personalized learning experience for you and your students.



Each episode in a Belouga Deep-Dive series has a “Add to Playlist” button associated with it. This gives teachers the ability to pull any episode into their own Playlist. Simply click the “Add to Playlist” button on an episode and that selected episode will be added to an existing Playlist or can start a new Playlist. All Playlists have their own unique URL and can be found directly in a teachers “My Belouga” dashboard.




Belouga’s Deep-Dive Library has thousands of activities and lessons for K-12 students and teachers to utilize. The Belouga library is completely personalized for students and teachers learning goals, suggesting top related series and giving them the ability to sort content by subjects and even SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). Playlists provide teachers with the ability to curate this vast library of content around a specific theme, unit or activity relating to their own classroom goals and timelines. Playlists can also be edited at any time by a teacher to continue providing relevant information and learning resources for their students.




Playlists can be shared with a teacher’s students or published globally to be accessed by all students and teachers within Belouga. Playlists also serve as a great collaboration opportunity. Whether it be a one-week program or a full school year connection, teachers can use Playlist content to create a bridge between classrooms and keep their students learning together. 


See Playlists created and shared from teachers worldwide and get started on your own Playlist here.


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