What If You Could Spend Less Time Planning and More Time Getting Curious!


Ever been curious by your lonesome? Never fun. Sort of like that tree that falls in a forest with no one around. Sort of like all those hours you’ll never get back because you spent them “planning” a lesson that fell flat.

What if, Belouga won’t have any of that?

What if you could spend more time getting curious with your students instead of writing lesson plans? Seriously.

Planning a lesson can be the most tedious task a teacher is asked to perform; what if, Belouga’s Continued Learning Community (CLC) can help transform lesson planning into lesson cheering?

Whether you are custom-creating your own content for your class, or inviting in lessons from other educators around the globe, here are three ways Belouga’s CLC and Builder can help you:


  • Get Curious: The Belouga Builder is so easy to use, even someone as technologically-declined as I am can use it. Its ease of use allows you to quickly connect whatever makes you and your students curious with your realities and requirements of standard lessons and lesson planning. If you can click a cursor, you now have no limits to the learning experiences you can create coming directly from your class.



  • Save Time: The super, simple, drag-and-drop tools take your slides from JarJar to Yoda level quicker than you can say, “That, I can do?” The Belouga Builder not only makes lessons ridiculously quick to make, you can build them to last. Unlike the ditto machines of the past, content created on Belouga is connected to curiosity, so even after pressing, “publish,” it can be experienced with fresh eyes and new minds for an eternity.



  • Join a Community of Engaged Global Educators: Want a PLN without all the unnecessary chatter? What If, the PLN on Belouga could be renamed, the TCB, because it’s all about taking care of business with a lot less talk and a whole lot more action. Educators in the CLC are not there by accident: they’ve come to connect, create, and collaborate around what makes them curious.  

Once you are enrolled in the CLC, where do you start? What if you take the best of what you are already doing and leverage the Belouga Builder to help you innovate–and collaborate with a network of global educators?

You are doing some really awesome things in your classroom, what if it’s time you share it with the world? What if, in order to exceed what it means to be “global” you go beyond the stare and see and actually share for the World to experience?

Need an example? When was the last time you wondered about something as wild as a leafy sea dragon or as terrifying sounding as a vampire flying frog? In case it has been a while, you can start wondering now by enrolling in the CLC.

What if the world can’t wait to learn what you’re curious about!

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