Introducing Belouga’s Continued Learning Community


The school year is fully back in session, and boy do we have a welcome back gift for you. Our global community of teachers and students means the world to us, which is why our goal has always been to provide the community with new and impactful learning initiatives that sparks curiosity and creates cultural bridges. Today, we are bringing a whole new meaning to the word “community”. Belouga family, we are thrilled to introduce you to The Continued Learning Community!

The Continued Learning Community provides teachers with the ability to become global expert educators by utilizing professional development and teacher produced resources and lessons from around the world. As a CLC member you will have access to the following:

  • Professional development that works for you. Here’s your opportunity to learn from educators and groups who inspire, excite, and provide you with the tools you need to bring new learning initiatives into your classroom. Not to mention, some fantastic courses from top universities and organizations that provide professional service hours and accreditation.
  • A living, breathing textbook for your students. Learn from the source by utilizing community members materials that are tailored to your curriculum needs. All CLC members have access to the Belouga lesson builder, to create and share resources with the community.
  • Providing you with the opportunities you deserve, globally. Our aim is to celebrate teachers and bring awareness to their work on a global level. CLC provides you with the pedestal (and megaphone!) to be identified as a breakthrough educator and share these ideas both digitally and in-person.
  • A tool to measure your global influence. We call this “Wave Score”, which provides you with challenges and analytics to understand how your teachings are not only impacting the students in your classroom, but students and other teachers all around the world.

…and much, much more!

The best thing about a community is that it grows each and every day. The same can be said about The Continued Learning Community. The Continued Learning Community is a premium subscription in Belouga that is sure to transform yourself, your students and your classroom into global experts. As a CLC member, the world is truly in the palm of your hand.

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