Student Council Article: Be The Leader You Would Follow

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Belouga’s Global Student Council is back for it’s second cohort during the 2017-18 school year. The Student Council is made up of a group student leaders from around the world that have excelled in global education and collaboration. Each month, these students write blog posts covering a range of topics related to global education. It is a great way to receive feedback and give a voice to the Belouga experience from a student’s point of view. We will be sharing these posts and hope you feel inspired to join in with questions and conversation!

This month’s topic is “What is the greatest lesson or gift you received relating to your education?.” Student Council members were tasked with identifying a specific teacher, class or activity they were involved in, and discussing  how it helped them become the student and person they are today? Additionally, how can they share this gift with other students around the world and give them the same experience?

Be The Leader You Would Follow

by Zainab, age 17 , from the United Arab Emirates

The greatest lesson or gift I received relating to my education was the gift of leadership. Ever since a young age, I was often encouraged to take up leadership opportunities, which in essence have now molded me to be the determined, strong-headed young woman I am today.

Not many people can take the responsibilities of a leader on their shoulders however, being given the opportunity one too many times whilst growing up, as daunting as it seems, being a leader is where I feel like myself the most. Leadership has instilled so many qualities in me that I would’ve never had the chance of acquiring had I not been in the leadership roles that I experienced. For instance, being Head Girl of my school taught me to be mindful of those around me whilst making decisions I thought was for the betterment of everyone. Being house captain taught me to work together and to encourage others. And truthfully speaking, the list runs long and from every experience I’ve taken some sort of nourishment or the other.

And now, what I’d like to do is share this gift that I possess with others. A lot of people limit themselves to just team players and instruction followers, but it’s time we learn how to play both sides of the game. It’s great to be a team player; when required, you will get the job done and flourish in your area. But it’s just as important to hone your leadership skills. As Spiderman once said, with great power comes great responsibility! And I believe we all have a responsibility. A responsibility to be the best versions of ourselves, and being a leader gives us all the opportunity to be justthat.

So the best advice I can give is, start saying yes. When asked if you want to be the leader of a class project, say yes. When asked if you would like to apply for student council, say yes. When asked if you can overlook something, say yes! We spend so much time being too afraid of what could go wrong that we don’t realize what could go right! Be so confident in yourself that if you’re ever threatened to be thrown into the wolves, you’re sure you’ll return leading the pack.

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