Time For Some Home Cooking…We’re Making Ajvar!

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Is there anything that brings us together more than food? No matter what country or city you are in, we can all connect over a good home cooked meal. Nicholas Blandford, a teacher at O.O.Y. Slavejko Arsov in Stip, Macedonia, shares one of the countries great recipes with us- Ajvar! Ajvar is made from bell peppers, can contain eggplant, garlic and chili peppers and is traditionally used as a condiment. While pretty simple, this recipe is extremely delicious! You’ll need the following ingredients:

2kg of red bell peppers

1kg of eggplant

Olive Oil

Chili peppers


    1. On a metal plate over a wood stove, blacken red bell peppers, then set aside in plastic bags. Tie the bags and let cool.
    2. Either skin eggplants and boil them or blacken them like the peppers. If blackened, place in plastic bag and let cool.
    3. Peel skin off of red bell peppers (and eggplant if blackened) and remove seeds.
    4. Place peppers and eggplants in a grinder, and grind down into a paste. Add in olive oil and chili peppers to taste.
    5. In a large pot, heat and stir mixture until it has the consistency of a marinara sauce. This will usually be a few hours in the batches they make it in here in Macedonia.



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