Student Council Article: Giving Back Should Be Essential

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Earth Day:Giving Back Should Be Essential

by Ludmi, age 16 , from Argentina

“What we’re doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and one another” -Mahatma Gandhi

I believe this is a something that should be addressed all around the world. It is a topic we seem to be pushing to the back of our minds constantly and this is bound to stop. We have to make our world a better place and this is going to happen once we start changing our ways.

I’ve had environmental management as a school subject through my 6 high school years and it blows my mind how many problems there are and how authorities seem to be ignoring all the environmental problems that are taking over. We cannot say we weren’t warned, we cannot say we are not updated, because that’s a lie. There are piles of news about it every. single. day.

We need to understand that little things matter. It does not just affect the environment and wildlife, it affects US. There’s people all around the world suffering and wishing for just a tear drop of water, while we have plenty and do not appreciate it. Giving back should be essential. From picking up litter on the street to collecting things to recycle around your neighborhood.

I believe we can make a change. In fact, we are the only ones who can make a change. I want my kids to be able to appreciate the things we’ve been blessed with by planet earth. Belouga’s been a great tool, I’ve learned tons of things from all around the world. This includes issues being suffered by society to places I was too unfamiliar with that are simply beautiful to the eyes.

We need to start to respect each other and to respect the place we live in. In the end it isn’t us against earth, it’s us WITH it.

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