Student Council Article: Animals in Danger of Extinction

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Earth Day: Animals in Danger of Extinction

by Ale, age 14 , from Peru

I chose the theme of “Animals in Danger of Extinction” Since we humans have destroyed more and more of the world, and with it the living beings in it. Pollution is one of the main causes of the destruction of many beautiful animals.

I think that endangered animals are very interesting living beings which are each special and unique. Some have been extinguished due to their home, their fur or plumage, others because we have destroyed their habitat and many more are captured to be used as exotic pets. This calls to my attention, as I am worried that day-by-day there are more and more animals in this situation. Until human beings change this habit, this serious problem not will end.

I hope that one day not far away, let us reflect on the damage we do to the nature and environment all around us, whether it be plants, animals or even our human species. I believe that the future families of the world will not see animals as majestic as lions or tigers in the flesh, only in photographs. Day-by-day all these species are becoming extinct, and if we do not do something about it, very soon we will lose these amazing animals in the world around us.

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