Student Council Article: Connection to Solution, The Water Crisis

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Earth Day: Connection to Solution, The Water Crisis

by Katie, age 16 , from Canada

Water is necessary for life on Earth. This makes the decreasing access to clean water one of the most important issues facing humanity. Whether it’s changing climate, drying up lakes or garbage contaminating rivers, this needs to stop.

The water crisis is global. When thinking of lack of clean water, your mind might jump to developing countries but even Canada, known for having an abundance of fresh water, has people without access to it. To create a lasting solution for this crisis, it must be global and target the causes. The reasons for this crisis are international and complex. For example, no single country alone is responsible for climate change. It’s the release of large amounts of greenhouse gasses all over the world that makes it such a big issue. However, it can’t stop on a dime. Many people’s livelihoods depend on industry that releases these gases. We need to learn about the way things affect everyone, not just a few communities, to form a balanced solution that benefits everyone long term.

A large number of people with a variety of different ideas and skills are needed to fight something as large and complex as the water crisis. You need people from around the world working together to fight a global issue. For example, the United Nations is an organization made up of many different countries, which is what allows it to make such an impact in combating world issues such as this.

The water crisis is nothing if not global. To combat this challenge facing humanity, we have to work together, learning about each place affected to understand the whole system.

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