Student Council Article: The World is Where We Live

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The World is Where We Live

by Alexandria, age 13, USA

When I first started Belouga, I had no idea that it would expand my view of the world in so many ways. It broadened not just how I look at other people, but how I look at myself. The world is not just a place where us, as humans exist, it’s where we live. Whether you are in the United States of America or Australia you are living your life in a way that may be similar to someone else’s on the other side of the world. Belouga has inspired me, and many other young people across the nations to reach out and care for the people who we share this planet with.

Global learning has become a huge part of my life since Belouga was introduced to me. I find it absolutely amazing to get the chance to see the world through the people that live there. I have learned and experienced the culture of other kids, their country’s history, and even their favorite foods. Where most people seem to focus on the difference between countries in a negative way, I find it very refreshing that Belouga embraces the differences to bring unlikely friends together without forgetting that there are many similarities between us.

The definition of global is “ the act of relating to or embracing the whole of something.” With Belouga, that “something” is you and me.

Here are some examples of how my school embraces other cultures:


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