As My Ss Get Ready To Move To New Grades in 2017, I Teach Them To Create A Movement, To Love Global Learning

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The following is a guest post from Bronwyn Joyce (@JoyceBronwyn).

Today my students were separated from me as they participated in a transition morning. Seeing what it will be like in Grade 5 and Grade 4 ready for 2017. After an outstanding year of learning about the world they returned from Transition asking about what their global learning will look like next year. They were really concerned.

After participating in a fabulous chat last night #digitaledchat we discussed this issue of students becoming the experts. 3/4J next year you will need to create a movement. You will be the Grade 5/6 Global Leaders. You will have to create change, teach your teachers, stay resourced and never forget Mrs. Joyce and are going nowhere and can you ask me anything you need at anytime.

Here is a TED Talk you need to see. This is what I want you to do next year – CREATE A MOVEMENT but A GLOBAL EDUCATION MOVEMENT.

For more lessons from Mrs. Joyce, check out her class blog at Our Global Classroom.

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